好きなものを眺めて、語れて、人と出会える場所、それが B stand + です。

Nature Activities趣味を通じて自然と共存する

B stand +は、人と自然が共存できる空間です。

While the function of urbanisation continues to occur, mainly due to people moving from rural areas to urban areas.
We would like you to turn your eyes to an abundant landscape and environment of nature and green in a suburban setting.
B Stand + is a space in which we can coexist with nature.

B stand + はこれらの全ての要素を大切にします。

Enjoyed by people and the environment, with a focus of sustainability.
A garden terrace surrounded by nature, each serving fairtrade and hand dripped, B Stand + values each element.
The garden terrace circled by a plant and the organic coffee which did a serving of one serving hand drip.
B stand + makes these all elements important.

フェアトレード Fair trade


B stand +では自然環境だけでなく、生産者の労働環境を保証するため、フェアトレードの珈琲豆を選びます。

There are labourers who work in severe environments, underpaid and overworked. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.To guarantee rights and an equal working environment for developing nations, B Stand + chooses fairtrade coffee.


The influence by which such match gives it to the earth was also filled in 1%, I may not have that.
But it isn’t 0%.
It’s also important to do by a small thing.

Enjoy quality products良いモノを長く、大切に使う


たとえば、B stand +の扱うサーフボードは、職人による手づくりのものを選んでいます。

The one and only. Enjoy our one and only products. Our surfboards are all hand crafted based on body shape and desired style by our skilled craftsmen.
Our surfboards are uniquely crafted and designed with an artisan inspiration which cannot be purchased at other mass retailers. The surfers experience is an imperative aspect of our craftsmen vision.
B Stand + offers a motorbike customisation service, centered around our skilled specialists, driven by a love for motorbikes. We also sell high quality/performance motorbikes.
We would like every owner to cherish their motobikes, and understand the sentimental value each motorbike has.

Third placeサードプレイス(第3の場所)


A space where you can communicate through your hobby.
A space where people with similar values gather.

B stand + は、自宅や職場とは別の、心地よい第 3 の居場所 (=サードプレイス ) を目指しています。

B stand + is aiming at the 3rd snug whereabouts different from a home and a workplace (= third place).

Do boys少年の心を忘れない


Even with age and experience, “A boy’s heart is never forgotten” is an important part of life. To challenge, live curiously, and have a pure sense of enjoyment,
The excitement of motorbikes and enjoyment of surfing cannot be put into words. To make you understand the beauty of motorbikes and charm of surfing is a mission of B Stand +.
We hope we can become the gateway to your new hobby.

実際に目で見て、魅力を知ってもらうことこそが B stand +の使命です。

You can’t finish telling the pleasure of the motorcycle and the surfing and an impression by words.
To know charm judges from an eye actually, and is the mission of the B stand +.
And it’s being hoped that I’d like to be also an entrance of many person’s hobbies by myself.